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Hi, Thanks for paying us a visit and for your intresrt in Washington Multimedia and Fx also know as WMFX1.
We know our website is really, really, really plain, It's plain because we go all out for our account holders, clients. We like what we do so much we rather spend our time focusing our energy and full attention on thier projects. You may have heard the story of how the painters house is the last to get painted, same thing right here. Every website we develop looks better than ours, In fact, every other day one of us here say "wow we should do something about our site then laugh and say We'll start tommrrow". 90% of our dealings and most people are referred to us from someone in the Entertainment Industry like ahhh lets see... The Motion picture Film Industry, Broadcast Television, Radio Industry, Music Recording Industry and other companys. A lot of its under NDA's (Non Disclosure Agreements) but that dont bother us though and we completely understand.
Again, Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Please feel free to leave us a comment or ask us a question.
Take Care-